Outdoor Banner Stands

Outdoor banner stands can either be a standard size, or we are able to manufacture them to your bespoke specifications.

They can either be a timber frame or an aluminium frame, and are very popular with event organisers and venues, to help promote their upcoming events. These events can range from a small village fete, to a local gala, through to a large event such as a concert or a festival.

We have produced signage for local agricultural shows, for airshows and for golf course events, with the tee box banner stands proving to be very popular, as they are unintrusive, and they are easy to remove once the event has finished.

A standard size for an outdoor banner stand would be two metres in length by one metre in height, although larger stands are available. They can also be single sided (i.e. the graphics are shown on one side), or they are available as a double sided banner.

Our team have a great deal of experience with outdoor events, and can offer you exceptional advise on what signage systems may work better for your venue. Please call us on 01522 501500 for more information.

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