Car Decals UK

Car decals are usually a form of advertising for vehicles - such as business names and telephone numbers, however they can also be decorative, for example tribal decals or flame decals.

They are a form of cut vinyl livery, and are also known under other names such as vehicle graphics, vehicle images or simply decals.

This form of advertising allows information to be placed on vehicles including cars, vans, trailers or tractor units, to promote a business, services offered by a business, upcoming events or whatever else may be required.

All our vinyls are waterproof, and we are qualified to be able to produce reflective vinyls for Chapter 8 highway safety vehicles, offering digitally printed images for unique protection.

Car decals will usually be on a vehicle for between 3-5 years as the business will either have rebranded by this time, or they will have changed their vehicle. The materials themselves will have a 3-5 year lifespan to match this.

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