Magnetic Car Door Signs

We have produced magnetic car door signs for many different types of business including driving instructors, professional football clubs, ironing companies and delivery drivers.

These signs have ranged from a simple logo and contact details, through to complex crest designs and corporate branding.

They are easily removeable, however they remain extremely secure once they are reapplied back to the vehicle (although to increase the longevity of the magnetic sign it is recommended that both the magnetic sign and the part of the vehcile it is being reapplied to are clean).

The best part about a magnetic door sign is that it transforms a standard family car into a vehicle advertising your business, whilst retaining the flexibility to return to a family vehicle at weekends (or whenever it is needed to be removed).

For more information about magnetic car door signs please call us on 01522 501500, alternatively please complete the contact form on this page.


  1. Company car door sign
  2. Printed company car door sign
  3. Magnetic crest for car doors