Directional Sign

A directional sign is often used to show people the way to a destination. This could be something as simply as a staff car park, or it could be to show people various different routes to venues within a college or university complex.

Although they can be both indoor or outdoor, our experience tells us that indoor directional signs are often referred to as wayfinding signs.

The signs themselves can either be free standing, or they can be attached to fencing, a post or a panel. They can also be used to direct people around a one way system (although these would be more likely referred to as road signs or car park signs).

Finally directional signs can also be "directory signs" - which are found in shopping centres and large sports venues. These will often show the viewer where they are based (e.g. you are here), and have a huge map of all the various shops (or activities) within the complex.

Whatever your signage requirements, our team has over 45 years of industry experience, and we can often come up with alternative solutions to what you had in mind. Please call our team on 01522 501500 to discuss your thoughts.

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