Magnetic Van Signs

Magnetic van signs are not really any different to magnetic car signs or magnetic vehicle signs.

They are all principally the same material (cut vinyl), applied to a magnetic layer, meaning a sign can be removed / reapplied as often as is necessary.

Magnetic van signs are often larger than a car magnet, simply because they have a larger surface area to fill. Most of our van customers will opt for van graphics (permanent), rather than the van magnetic signs, as they will use their van ONLY for business, therefore the flexibility of removing their signage is not as important.

Having said that, we do have some clients who do have magnetic signs on their vans, especially if they are changing their vehicle on a regular basis (for example due to high mileage), as this can prove more cost effective than having a partial vehicle wrap, or traditional van graphics added permanently to their vehicle.

For more information please contact our van signs team on 01522 501500, alternatively please complete the contact us form on this page.

  1. Printed magnetic panels for rear doors
  2. Full magnetic panels cut to shape
  3. Magnetic van sign