Lorry Graphics

We would consider a lorry to be anything from 7.5 tonnes upwards. We are able to compete any vehicle signage on solid flat panels, as well as the curtain sides of these vehicles.

We can also add signage to the cab on the vehicle, the rear of the vehicle, and the doors. Should your lorry have a crane, we can do cut livery down the sides and the back of the crane. We can also offer Chapter 8 reflective signage as recommended by the highways agency. Under the Chapter 8 legislation any vehicle that works on roads (e.g. highway maintenance) will require a certain amount of reflective material adding to the rear (and possibly sides) of the vehicle. This is to increase the visibilty of these vehicles to other road users.

In 2010, the recommendations coming from these regulations, meant that any new vehicle had to have reflective borders around the outline of the vehicle. This is usually a thin border around the back and side of the vehicles - this was to give them shape in the dark. Although these recommendations have not been made law yet, it would make sense for any lorry fleet company to have these lorry graphics added to their vehicles as we would be very surprised if these recommendations did not eventually become law.

Call our team of experts for more information on how we can work with you to deliver a consistent and engaging message to your own clients and potential clients. Our telephone number is 01522 501500.

  1. Reflective and vinyl livery
  2. Full lorry wrap design
  3. Printed graphics and vinyl cab livery