Projection Signs

Ensuring your business is clearly visible to passers by on foot, or by passing vehicles, is something that all business owners take into account. Businesses often incorporate signage into the building design for the offices, retail units, warehouses and restaurants, mainly using a fascia sign that highlights the companies presence.

This is a great way of promoting your business, and by adding alternative signage such as projection signs, can only improve your businesses position within the area. It provides clients, or potential customers, with advance notification of your business, ensuring that they are prepared to stop in time if travelling by car. By using a projection sign, with the possibility of incorporating illumination, your business can create an impact, and stand out from it’s neighbours, helping to drive customers through your door.

Allen Signs offer a service and quality product, individually tailored to suit your business needs. Using our skills and experience, providing concept ideas, design and installation, Allen signs aim to make your first impression count.

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