Magnetic Signage

Although vehicle livery and decals are a great way to promote your business to a large volume of potential customers, using vinyl, printed graphics and wraps, they may not always be the most suitable option.

Depending on the nature of your business, a permanent livery option might not be what you want, therefore magnetic signage offers you the flexibility of vehcile graphics, that can then be removed as and when required.

For example, if your vehicle is used privately, or you carry expensive equipment, you may not want to advertise this all day, or especially in the evenings when it is unattended.

Allen Signs can help you with your requirements, by utilising the design skills and materials of normal vehicle livery applications, such as cut vinyl and printed graphics, and applying them to a magnetic panel material. Magnetic signage can be produced to all shapes and sizes, with each design bespoke to our customers needs. The benefit of the magnetic signs is that they can be applied to cars, vans or any type of auto vehicle, to promote the business, whilst being easily removable for security reasons or for private use.

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