Outdoor Sign Letters

Outdoor sign letters are individually cut letters made from a variety of materials including diabonds, aluminium, acrylics or pvc.

These can be manufacturered by Allen Signs in-house up to a width of 1.2 metres.

We can also produce fabricated letters, that are built up, stainless steel structures, with a polished or brushed effect. These can be 40-50mm in thickness.

The letters can be made to represent any appearance from wood effects, through to polystyrene effects.

Allen signs are able to supply the whole signage system (made up of individual letters), or we are able to supply a "one off" letter to replace a broken or missing letter from your signage display. We would need to be sent the original artwork to enable us to make an exact replica of the missing letter.

Our team are happy to talk to you about your outdoor signage requirements, please call us on 01522 501500 for more details.

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