Outdoor LED Signs

Outdoor LED signs are usually outdoor illuminated signage that is required by a business. The signs themselves could be external to a building (i.e. attached to the building) or they could be free standing - for example, totem signage that has internal led lighting to illuminate the text and letters on the outside of the totem signage.

LED signs can be illuminated from inside the sign (with the LED lights becoming part of the structure), but there is also the option of having LED strips, which actually outline the words or letters you are trying to promote in whichever colour you wish to choose.

LED signs are really the updated replacements for the old neon signs (although we do still get asked for neon signs) - as they offer much brighter illumination for signs.

Businesses who are often looking for LED signs are usually retail commercial companies, such as takeaways, restaurants, hotels and pubs.

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