Restaurant Signs

The exterior and interior appearance of a restaurant can be the difference between it being a success or a failure.

Yes we understand that your food has to be the right quality, that your staff have to be friendly and the atmosphere needs to be warm and welcoming, however if you cannot attract people to you in the first place then they may never get to find out how wonderful your restaurant is. If the outside of your restaurant looks tired, are people going to think this will be reflected in the food you prepare?

Consider the programme "Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares" - often Gordon goes in, shouts at a few people & minimises the menu. However one additional element he brings to EVERY restaurant, is to bring a new look to each one he becomes involved in. There is always a "relaunch" of the restaurant - customers may think the restaurant has changed, however more often than not the staff remain the same, the chefs remain the same and the management remain the same - the major thing that changes is the exterior appearance (and the menu).

Without the exterior apprearance changing, people who have been before will expect much the same thing, however once a restaurant has redesigned the external (and internal) appearance, people will often try it again as the "look" is promising something different to their previous experience.

Allen Signs understand how critical it is to get the exterior signage of your restaurant perfect. We also understand the importance of continuing the outdoor appearance of your restaurant indoors.

We can work together with you and can provide outdoor signs including illuminated signs, 3D signs, projection signs, pavement signs and window details. We can also offer internal signs, promotional displays, information signs and menu cases.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you lift your restaurant above your competition.

  1. Digitally printed tray system
  2. Illuminated fascia sign for Restaurant
  3. External banner and illuminated signage