Hotel Signage

Hotels range from small boutique hotels, through to large three, four and five star accommodation with hundreds of rooms. Each hotel has a specific requirement for signage, which is crucial to the look, feel and success of the hotel. Not only does the hotel need to attract visitors from the outside with clear advertising and hotel signage, it also needs to help people find their way around the hotel, to the swimming pool, to the restaurant, or most importantly, to their room, making their visit as stress free as possible.

With over 40 years experience, we fully understand the bespoke requirements of a hotel, and by using this experience we are able to help you attract customers to your venue all year round.

We provide outdoor building signs, projection signs, window details, reception signs, lobby signs, internal door signs, and the all important health and safety signs, each tailored to suit your hotel's image. We understand the importance of brand to a hotel, and will work closely with you, to ensure every sign matches your vision, matches your colour, and if it is part of your branding, even matches your font.

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