Educational Buildings

Signs on Educational Buildings are an essential part of students everyday life.

There are many considerations to be had when it comes to providing effective signage for Schools, Colleges and Universities. We feel it is important to create a brand so that the signage links throughout the eductational site, helping to make it easier for students to find their way around the buildings.

There are many types of signage used within a school, college or university such as building signs, external directional signs, internal directories, door signage as well as health and safety signs across the site.

This is where Allen Signs offer the help and advice to ensure that the signs provided best suit the individual school or college. We provide individually tailored signs to enhance the school brand and appearence, helping to make it stand out from the standard school signage which may surround it.

Signage is also an excellent form of presenting the school in a more artistic form, helping to provide attractive images for presentations and displays or maybe incorporating vinyl text with inspiring messages to help the students produce their best.

Our aim is to work with you closely to ensure that we understand your views and values so that we can provide the best possible solution for all of the sign and display requirements. Our comprehensive concept, design & installation service helps us to provide a service that will exceed expectations.

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