Hotel Signs

Some companies underestimate the number of signs a hotel will need. They will focus on the outdoor signage, whilst neglecting the internal signage needed by a hotel. They might not even offer hotel door signs, lobby signage or directional signage. This leaves the hotel with a dilemma. Do they deal with several different sign companies to fulfil their requirements, or do they let the main sign company sub contract the work out to a different company?

Understanding how important hotel signs are to your business is just one element of what makes Allen Signs such an exceptional signage company.

We understand:-

  • The need to maintain your brand in all your signage.
  • Internal signage has to make everything crystal clear to your customers.
  • It has to be easy to find rooms, swimming pools, bars and restaurants.

The quality and appearance of your hotel signage will influence the experience your customers feel when staying with you. Tired or discoloured signage, broken signs or poor directional signage, will leave your customers with a negative attitude towards their stay. Being a hotel owner, you already know all this, what you can be certain of, is that we do too. Please get in touch for more information as to how we can help you with your hotel signs.

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