Cafe Signs

Cafe Signs need to compliment your cafe, bistro or coffee shop all year round.

To do this you need to consider the different types of signage available to you as a business owner. Building signs (i.e. those that attach to the side of your building), illuminated signs, 3D signage, projection signs, internal signs including window signage & menu boards, promotional and information signs, as well as external signage such as pavement signs (or A Boards), and important health & safety signs. All these are a consideration when opening a new cafe, or refurbishing an existing cafe.

Which is why Allen Signs ensure we individually tailor each sign or signs to your cafe, bistro or coffee shop.

There is no point providing you with a standard sign, adding a bit of colour and leaving your cafe looking no different to the one further down the road. We work with you, to understand the customers you are looking to attract. These could be young, old, professional, artistic, male, female or combinations of all of these attributes. Understanding who is your target market, helps us to provide a bespoke sign system that promotes your business, and attracts customers to your cafe, by using the appearance of the building as your first selling point, helping you stand out from other cafes (and even other businesses).

We work closely with all our clients, and once we have understood your full requirements, we offer a concept, design & installation service.

We are driven to provide a service and quality product that exceeds all your expectations.

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  3. Outdoor Cafe Sign