The Benefits of Branding Your Vehicle for Business

18 May 2018

Back in 1965 the sign writer’s weapon of choice was a paintbrush. And that’s where our story began: Barry Allen (Director David’s father) spent years creating new looks for lorries and vehicles and trained during the evenings to sign-write for the vehicles he’d painted. This was Barry's forte and he forged an early career in many well known local commercial paint shops until he became the paint shop manager for the well known car dealership RM Wright.

Barry decided to strike out alone and make a go of his business in sign writing, and so he started Allen Signs as we know it today. Two of the earliest customers were DMT Transport which ultimately became Denby, and Bradshaw of Sturton by Stow - customers we still look after today.

Things were a little different in 1965; we would get vehicles delivered to us in transport white which we would paint to the customer’s specification and then sign-write the customer’s details. These days increased experience and materials and an explosion in new technologies means we’re now able to achieve some weird and wonderful effects for our customers!

A sign of the times!

Although in 2018 we’re very much about more than just signs, the art of signwriting and vehicle livery still forms a very large part of our business and one which we’re extremely proud of. In 2017 alone, we stripped back, wrapped or created vinyls for over 200 vehicles!

Over the years, we’ve expanded not only the services we offer, but also the sizes of vehicles we can cater for too. Our team has also got bigger, as has the space we work in!

We’ve always worked on large vans and lorries, but over the last 10 years we’ve worked on a number of interesting projects, from single road bike vinyls and vinyl decals for motor sport vehicles to washing machines and large transport vehicles such as removal vans and road planers! No vehicle is too big for us – we love a challenge and our team of creatives likes nothing more than a challenging brief!

We have a number of regular clients who call on us every time a new vehicle is added to their fleet. We’ve done some great work for Lindum Fire, and our friends at Newark Motor Auctions are probably one of our most regular clients. They’re constantly adding to their fleet and trust us to ensure their most valuable assets (their own vehicles) are in top condition and represent their brand on their travels.

Why are so many businesses relying on companies to brand their vehicles?

It’s a good question – more and more people seem to be understanding the benefits of vehicle branding nowadays. In a blog we posted last year we talked about the creative and cost-effective benefits of vehicle branding and the benefits in the protection this offers your fleet too. The flexibility and relativity low cost of vehicle wraps really allows you to express your brand personality. Vehicle wraps are a brilliant way to be a little more creative and offer you an opportunity to grab people’s attention, while reinforcing key brand messages.

We’d like to expand on this side and talk further about how a beautifully branded vehicle can have an impact on more than just your marketing and advertising.

Preserving the value of your vehicles

For many businesses it’s cheaper and easier to purchase fleet vehicles in white and have them sprayed or wrapped according to their brand. Not only is this a more cost-effective way of branding a fleet of vehicles in the short term and on an ad hoc basis, but it benefits the business in the long term too.

By the very nature of fleet vehicles, the mileage very easily mounts up and the roads of Great Britain aren’t always at their best. By wrapping a vehicle, a business stands a much better chance of a return on its investment as well as the obvious branding benefits; and at the end of its lease, the company can have the wrap removed and the vehicle returned to its former state in a matter of hours.

Removal of the vehicle wrap – the importance of good quality materials

It could be tempting to choose a cheaper product and quicker install at the start of your vehicle lease, but you’ll more often than not pay the price in the long run through increased time for removal and damage to your vehicle.

Getting it right

In another blog we talk of the importance of finding a supplier that can demonstrate great examples of previous work and won’t win business just on price. At Allen Signs, we’re proud to have an experienced team of people working on the creation and transformation of vehicles using the wide range of supplies we have in stock. The knowledge our staff have gained over the years means we’re now a trusted supplier to hundreds of businesses and individuals across the East Midlands.

If you’d like to know a little bit more about our services, then get in touch with a member of the team today.