Magnetic Signs For Cars

There are many different types of magnetic signs for cars, including individual lettering, logos and branding, crest or shields, or simply contact details such as telephone numbers, websites and email addresses.

The magnetic signs can be cut to fit whatever size or shape the vehicle may be.

One of the things we would always recommend is that you remove the magnetic signs if you are parked in a public place, as unfortunately there is no way of protecting them against theft.

We have produced magnetic car signs for small, "one man band" businesses that are using their own car for dual purposes (i.e. as a family car and as a business vehicle), up to larger businesses who want their fleet of vehicles to carry their company details (but don't want to have their vehicles part wrapped or fully wrapped).

Magnetic signs are a cheap way to advertise you business, offering the potential of 24 hours per day advertising.

Please complete the enquiry form on this page for more details, alternatively you can contact one of our team on 01522 501500.

  1. Printed magnetic signs
  2. Branded magnetic sign
  3. Magnetic crest signs