Magnetic Car Decals

We have often produced magnetic car decals for the side doors on vehciles, for example some driving instructors will have removeable car decals instead of having a full vehicle wrap.

The lifespan of a magnetic car decal is approximately 2-3 years, this is usually down to the magnetic elememt of the sign and not the print quality on the sign (which would last for a much longer period).

It is possible to do individual lettering if this was required, which means the decals can not only be applied to the side doors, but they are also available to use on the bumper of a vehicle for rear end advertising.

Magnetic car decals are very easy to remove, and they will remain secure once they are put back onto the vehicle (i.e. they won't fly off in the wind!). The car doesn't have to be cleaned every time a magnetic sign is removed, however it is better for the lifespan of the magnetic sign if it is clean when the sign is reapplied to the vehicle.

For more information about magnetic car decals please contact us on 01522 501500, alternatively please complete the enquiry form on this page.


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