The Benefits of Employing Apprentices

24 August 2017

Apprenticeships provide young people with the opportunity to work while they learn. They allow them to improve their skills, gain experience, and at the same time, earn some income and progress up the career ladder. Some businesses are hesitant to employ apprentices but there are a number of benefits that come with doing so.

1.    It offers a career opportunity to a young person

With it being harder to get a job than it has ever been before, an apprenticeship is a great way for a school or college leaver to get their foot in the door of an industry that they are interested in. It offers them a stepping stone to develop their skills and hopefully get a full-time job in the future.

2.    An apprentice will bring a new energy to your team

Hiring an apprentice can also revitalise your team. A young person applying for an apprenticeship will already have an interest in the field they are applying for, and will bring with them a fresh set of skills and energy. Having a new member of the team to contribute fresh ideas will also have a positive effect on existing staff and encourage them to do the same.

3.    Frees up heavy workloads

As a business expands, existing staff might find that they are faced with a large workload and time constraints. Allowing apprentices to take over smaller more basic jobs allows the existing staff to focus on the more urgent projects, and allows the apprentice to become more independent and take responsibility for their own workload.

4.    Apprentices can learn on the job

Young people who decide to take the route of apprenticeships often find the idea of spending years studying at university unappealing. With an apprenticeship, they can learn on the job and discover more about their role and the industry while also earning an income. Apprenticeships provide relevant experience, something which universities have a harder time providing.

 5.    Apprentices are investments for the future

Apprenticeships in the long run also provide skilled workers for the future. Young people leave their apprenticeships with experience and a new set of skills that they are confident in and able to use in their next job. Businesses that employ apprentices are also more likely to have a reduced staff turnover rate. By recruiting apprentices, a business can mould that person into what they want, training them with the exact skills that are needed. A business that also invests in its staff training is also more likely to build a loyal team. 

Apprenticeships can provide many benefits. Hiring an apprentice will not only ensure that you gain a young person, willing to learn in exchange for pursuing a career in their chosen field, it will also benefit your business in the future. Investing time and training into an apprentice will result in an employee who has the exact skill set and experience you need in your organisation.

We can confidently talk about the benefits of apprentices as we’ve been working this way for many years now. A shining example of how well this can work for a business is our Production Manager Damian. He joined us as an apprentice six years ago aged 18 and instantly showed commitment and a desire to exceed our expectations.

He had all the abilities required to manage a team, leading by example to create a positive ‘can do’ environment where we all work together to ensure that the deadlines set are met.  Often working long hours and managing difficult production and installation jobs, Damian always ensures everything runs to plan and does so with a smile on his face.

He has been a fundamental part of the business’ growth over the last two years and has showed maturity by taking responsibility for the work scheduling and print management. Soon after joining us Damian completed his Sign Making Level 2 Apprenticeship course and became one of the first in the UK to complete level 3 soon after.

At just 24, Damian was nominated for two awards. Young Sign Maker of the Year category in the British Sign Awards and Employee of the Year in the Lincolnshire Media Business Awards. We’re delighted to say that Damian won the Young Sign Maker of the Year and continues to work for us here at Allen Signs.

If you’d like to know a little more about the opportunities we offer for apprentices and any vacancies we may have, please feel free to get in touch with a member of the team.