That’s a Wrap!

26 October 2017

The secret to effective advertising is to make the right first impression. You only have one chance to do this, so creating bespoke livery and graphics designed to suit your brand and vehicle is something every business should consider.

Taking a step back in time, our founder Barry Allen decided to strike out alone in 1965 after years of signwriting, to start Allen Signs. Among Barry’s clients were DMT transport, which ultimately became Denby, and Bradshaw of Sturton by Stow – a customer we still look after today.

Over the past 50 years there have been significant changes in the industry and one of these was the introduction of vehicle wrapping using coloured and textured vinyl which can temporarily transform the appearance of your car quickly and cost-effectively.  We’ve wrapped thousands of vehicles from MINIs to double-decker buses and even washing machines!

According to a recent study, the average person spends up to 32 hours stuck in traffic every year which gives you an idea of how effective advertising on your company cars can be. But in case you need further convincing, here are just some of the benefits of vehicle wrapping:

Widen Your Reach

Wrapping your vehicle is a less intrusive way of promoting your business than traditional radio or newspaper advertising. The subtle way in which your brand appears in the general public’s day-to-day life can have a positive impact on the way people view your brand.

Not only is your brand represented locally, typically in your target market, but when travelling out and about your advertising will work further afield too.

Express Your Creative Side

Your vehicles are a constant brand ambassador for your company. Parked at your premises or out and about, it’s a means of advertising your business in a way you may not have considered previously. The flexibility offered through vehicle wraps, really allows you to express your brand personality. As a relatively low-cost addition to your existing branded merchandise and company signage, vehicle wraps are a brilliant way to be a little more creative and offer you an opportunity to grab people’s attention, while reinforcing key brand messages.

We have a team of in-house design experts who can take your ideas, brand and colours and come up with some creative and fun ideas to promote your business. You may want to check out our Instagram page for some inspiration!

Cost Effective

As value for money goes, the cost of a wrap is exceptional. With thousands of people potentially seeing your vehicle daily, the cost per 100 visual impressions can be a little as three pence! Spread over three years, which is the typical lifespan of a fleet vehicle, the cost is minimal in comparison to the millions of people who will see the advert during this time.

Protection for Your Fleet

Aside from the stylish benefits of having all your company vehicles wrapped in your branding, not only will they now look the part, but the materials used will (in most cases) provide added protection for your vehicles against chips and scratches – an added bonus!

These are just some of the many reasons why thousands of businesses decide to wrap their company vehicles every year, and although it is relatively quick and cost effective to do, it can be quite technical. We’d always advise employing professionals who not only have the skills and experience, but who use the best quality materials too as you want to make sure it withstands the weather and the car wash!

As one of only a handful of 3M approved wrappers in the East Midlands, Allen Signs have been trained to the highest quality fitting standards and only use the best materials and protection products.

We offer a complete service from design and installation to after-care ensuring that your vehicle stands out from the crowd. For more information on our range of vehicle livery and wraps please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.