Digital Display – Could it Work for My Business?

06 September 2017

Despite the increase in advertising opportunities across social media, businesses are now considering alternative ways to promote their products and services to existing and prospective customers. Traditional advertising still has its place, but digital advertising is becoming a more popular addition to marketing plans.

At Allen Signs, we are continually developing and moving with technology and have the facility to create all forms of LED lighting and digital display media. Offering freestanding digital units, or digital displays that feature in retail windows, we can supply the unit along with personalised designs, tailored to your needs, to help your digital displays stand out even further.

We can digitally print any type of artwork onto a vast array of materials, from vinyls to posters, canvas and wallpaper, ensuring that our clients have bespoke displays to suit their requirements.

So what could digital display do for your business?

Let’s get digital

Digital signage is an effective way of promoting your business and can complement an existing marketing strategy. It can enhance the customer experience, build loyalty and increase brand recognition and – in most cases – is a cost-effective alternative to more traditional forms of advertising.

Digital signage comes in various forms, including digitally printed sign applications, digital print banners and electronic sign systems – such as LED displays, LED moving displays, or digital television screens – containing preset information about your business, products and services.

Digital screens in particular allow you to demonstrate your products and services easily, helping them stand out from the crowd and appeal to more customers than has been possible before. Using digital display screens, particularly at events and exhibitions, is a great way to impress potential customers and stand out against your competitors.

Consider the benefits:


  • Retain control of the messages your customers see
  • Create eye-catching and unique content specific to the event you’re attending
  • Gauge how well your message is working by speaking to your prospective customers face to face
  • Stand out from the crowd – doing something different is a great way to raise your  profile

Top tips for digital signage success


Don’t let the opportunity to wow a potential customer go to waste: take the time when you’re interacting with people to encourage engagement, particularly if you’re attending an event. By using your digital screen to present a message or call to action, they’re likely to talk about you online too.

Ensure you use quality content and include messages that resonate with your audience.

Use your digital screens to showcase customer testimonials, which are a powerful way of demonstrating your service offering.

Position your choice of digital signage tactfully. Consider the space it’s in, the audience and other ‘traffic’. For example, if you’re in a busy exhibition hall or shopping centre, the location of the display can impact on how well it works for you. You may even want to raise it using a raised platform, or integrate it into the display stand you have on the day. This fine attention to detail will further enhance your brand activity.

Review and refresh. The great thing about digital signage is that you can judge how well the content has worked for you (yes, it’s trackable to a certain extent) and amend it if and when it’s needed so that you’re always ahead of the game. Unlike more traditional printed marketing materials, you’re not left with out-of-date stock that will go untouched.

So, if you’ve been tempted by what you’ve read and would like to know more about how digital display and signage can help promote your business, get in touch! A member of the team will be happy to talk to you about how Allen Signs can help your business.