All I want for Christmas is…

05 December 2018

All I want for Christmas is...

To send a Christmas card, or not to send a christmas card; that is the question. 

Thanks to the development of digital technology, which has impacted nearly every aspect of our lives from the way we communicate with friends and family to the way we watch TV, sending Christmas cards is sadly falling out of fashion. 

And it is easy to see why; posting a yuletide message to your followers on Twitter with a GIF of a dancing Chrismas tree is much cheaper and less time consuming than handwriting and posting 50 Christmas cards. However, have you ever got a warm fuzzy feeling from reading a generic message on social media or even receiving an amusing e-card featuring your colleagues's face on a dancing elf? Sending a Christmas card takes effort and thought. It says, 'I value you enough to take the time to send you a personalised, handwritten message', and you can't beat the personal touch especially when it comes to building and strengthening relationships. 

Whether sending them to family and friends or customers and suppliers, everyone loves to receive a physical card in the post as opposed to an online alternative. 

One of the most common reasons for not sending cards, which is especially relevant to businesses, is the enormity of the task. However, a well-designed branded card is a great way of leeping in touch with existing as well as potential clients.  

We can even save you the trip to the post office by mailing them out on your behalf! 

As well as cards, we can also design and print wall planners, calenders and even wrapping paper to make your gifts look extra special. If you really want to get into the Christmas spirit, we can produce large scale decorative display items using our digital cutter which can power through a wide range of ridgid materials including cardboard, plywood and even metal! 

Whatever is top of your Christmas list this year, contact one the Allen Signs team today to make your Christmas wishes come true this year!